The Story of VOOL

July 12, 2023 1 min read

What would you do if you saw ⅔ of a valuable resource going to waste?

Most people do nothing.

At VOOL, we’re not most people.

While working in different sectors of the energy industry, Juhan, Sander, and Hindrik were seeing electricity rushing along the grid and only ⅓ of it being used.

Having an electrical capacity that couldn’t be accessed didn’t make sense. Especially at a time when EVs were starting to show up in more and more home garages.

Waiting for someone else to fix the waste problem? No, thanks.

Their homes became the first offices and prototyping centres for a technical solution to the problem — safely and efficiently accessing 100% of Europe’s three-phase power connections.

Since those first tinkering sessions in 2019, VOOL focused its capabilities on the EV charging market first. A €3 million investment led by 2022 Horizon scaled our team, finalised our initial product line, and grew our recognition as a fast-growing company in Estonia, our home base. A second round in early 2023 set us on a path to conquer the EV charging market across Europe.

Long-term we’re set on creating other household products that will help everyone make the most use of the grid.

Current status: preparing for mass production of our EV chargers and accessories.

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