The VOOL App Deserves Space on Your Home Screen

April 14, 2023 3 min read

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  • The VOOL app saves you money by tracking market-based electricity prices and lets you charge reliably on your terms.
  • It works seamlessly with major electric car brands, and more brands are being added
  • Sync your EV and preferred electricity pricing with the mobile app
  • Simple setup - see how much money you'll save when we optimize based on your needs

"You'll want to save space on your home screen for the VOOL app."

- The VOOL team

Your home screen is precious real estate on your smartphone. Only the most valuable apps deserve such a prime location.

So let's run through why the VOOL app belongs next to your investing and money-making apps.

Here's why you need the VOOL app on your home screen

Yes, at its core, it’s an EV charging app. But it’s much more than an on/off remote for your EV charging.

Saves you money

VOOL Saves You Money on EV charging

We got tired of dumb apps on smartphones. The VOOL app tracks daily market electricity prices and automatically manages when your car charges to get you the cheapest rate

Charges reliably

No matter what charger you own, the VOOL app ensures that you’re actually charging. If you’re plugged in for the night, there’s no reason you should have a semi charged EV in the morning. The app will notify you if there’s an issue with the session.

Gives you power

Plug in your car and charge on your terms. Only charge when it’s cheapest or when it’s most convenient. It’s up to you. Change of plans and need the car sooner? Update the session type through the app with just a few taps .

What is it compatible with?


The VOOL app is built to play nice with others. We do all the EV charge management, no matter if you have a VOOL Charger or another EV charger that supports OCPP 1.6. We’re ready for OCPP 2.0 as well.

Electric cars

VOOL is compatible with most EVS

We’re pretty proud of the growing list of car manufacturers VOOL App supports.



Hyundai BMW Kia Volvo Volkswagen Nissan CITROEN Mercedes-Benz Peugeot Opel Ford Skoda Audi MINI Cupra Jaguar SEAT FIAT Tesla Toyota Porsche Renault

Taps and tips

Download the VOOL app from the App Store or Google Play

It’s a one-time process for any car or charger you want to manage with the app.

Location syncing

For your EV

To add your EV, you’ll need the login information that you use to access the manufacturer’s charging app. You’ll only need to do this once, and it’ll level up your charging experience to 100% — every time. We protect all your information in accordance with GDPR.

For your charger

To charge your EV reliably and at the best rates, we’ll need to know what kind of electricity contract you have. Just add the charger and unlock the ability to manage the charging session remotely. Let us know if you’re using variable market rates for electricity or if you’re on a fixed contract with your power company.

With market rates, the VOOL App can get to work saving you money by charging only at rates that you’re comfortable with.

Syncing the VOOL charger with our mobile app isn’t necessary if you have one of the many makes and models we support. You’re free to use the whatever smart charging app that connects with your car.

About us

VOOL is the first complete EV charging solution making reliable, smart, and cost-efficient charging available for everyone. Affordable and hassle-free EV charging fastens the energy transition. VOOL means hardware and software made inhouse, flexible charging options for private users and businesses. You can save money with smart charging and earn money opening your chargers to other EV owners.

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