VOOL Charges Hansabuss Electric Fleet in Latvia

October 5, 2022
5 min

We’re proud to partner with Hansabuss, one of the largest bus operators in the Baltics.

Hansabuss’ Latvian hubs will serve as the testing grounds for their transition to an electric bus fleet. The company serves Scandinavia and the Baltics and has ambitions of becoming a leading electric fleet operator in the region.  

Maintaining a reputation for service and reliability is pivotal for any service provider, especially one that relies on travelers’ safety, timeliness, and comfort. To ensure that the company can focus on these aspects, they’re using VOOL Chargers as the component ensuring that their electric bus fleet can charge at their established locations across Latvia.

VOOL chargers are able to tap into three-phase electrical systems fully and are ready for fleet use. At the same time, the shift to electric buses doesn’t require bus terminal authorities to upgrade existing grid connections or threaten the reliability of other electrical functions.

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Hansabuss charging with VOOL
“Our collaboration with VOOL allows us to test more sustainable transportation options while maintaining our current hub without major changes to the infrastructure.
We’re excited to see how we can serve our clients into the future by embracing modern solutions. In fact, we have also installed VOOL chargers to the driver’s homes, so that the buses can be fully charged at their homes and there is no additional hassle for the drivers - invoicing is done automatically, so the company pays for the charged electricity.”

— Sergei Vahnitski, Member of the Board

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