Game Changers

CEO & co-founder
Juhan Härm
“Today, I can’t recommend my friends a single charger sold on the market. Ours will change that.”
CPO & co-founder
Sander Vahtras
“As a child I used to tinker with machines and electricity all the time. I suppose it’s true that some boys never grow up.”
CTO & co-founder
Hindrik Kilter
“You’ve got to do things properly, not just simply. And things done properly will make life simple.”
Head of Marketing & Communications
Anna-Liisa Vahtras
“Why make it boring if you can make it interesting?”
Chief Architect
Elar Nellis
“We find a solution. We look for problems. We find a solution. Rinse and repeat.”
Embedded Team Lead
Roman Kosenko
“Efficiency is everything.”

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