If there’s no good solution in the market, you have to create it yourself.

In other words - the morning that changed electricity.
Picture this.

A new day.
You fell asleep last night thinking of your flight today. You wake. With weary eyes. What time is it? You know you set the alarm last night, but you can’t remember hearing it this morning.

Just 5 more minutes in bed?

No!  Time to panic!

You’ve got a flight to catch! Today! What time is it?
Enough for you to understand that you’ve overslept.
You can’t remember hearing the alarm but that doesn’t matter now.

You’re late for your flight. If you get out now, maybe you’ll make it. Maybe you will not but if you don’t try, you won’t know.

Hurry up!

No time to pack.
Who cares, you’ll buy new clothes when you get there.  A quick wash and a sprint to the car - a taxi would take 10 minutes that you just haven’t got.
You didn’t before and definitely don’t have it now.

Shirt. Trousers. Socks. Shoes. Passport!
Take the passport! Wallet!
Where are the keys?

Where are the keys?

Got the keys. Let’s go. No more time to pack. Run out the door. Fumble with the lock and run to the car.

Car door closes. Finger on the button. START…


You keep pushing the START button in utter despair although you know very well it won’t change anything.


The battery of your electric car is empty. Somebody made the decision for you. You won’t be catching your flight.
The taxi will take 10 minutes to arrive. And you haven’t got 10 minutes.

Not earlier. Definitely not now.

Your electric car didn’t charge because of disruption.
Your charger was disrupted because the clothes you wanted to take on the trip were spinning in the dryer, the dishwasher was on, and at 11 o’clock, you decided to make tea.

Your charger was disrupted because although the whole of Europe is connected with three-phase electricity.
Your dryer, dishwasher, charger and kettle have access only to a fraction of the full capacity of the grid.
If only there’d been a solution to open the grid’s full potential for you, you might’ve caught your flight.
As there was no such solution, it had to be created.

And this how VOOL was born.

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