The complete system.
We make simple simpler.

The VOOL system makes electricity connections smart and efficient, which means that power cuts happening because of overload are now a thing of the past. How? The answer is simple. It's so simple we don't know how no one else has thought of it. The solution lies in phases.

In the grid, electricity comes from the power station through three phase wires. Most consumers are connected to the first wire, and once it reaches full capacity, fuses blow and darkness descends. VOOL opens the other two phases.

Do you need to rebuild your entire power system to use VOOL? No! Just add a couple of devices to your system and call it a day. The VOOL solution distributes electricity consumption between the phases efficiently, smartly and without disruption. How does it do it? What kind of devices will you need? Let us tell you.

The brains of the whole operation. The Load Management Controller communicates with other VOOL devices, regulating the electric current in your home. If something needs a boost in power, the brains will find a free channel to make  it happen.
VOOL MultiPhaser
A device in the switchboard that monitors the electricity consumption of one room, all of the lights, or any other set of appliances. It communicates with the Load Management Controller and switches the consumption over to another phase. Consumption is measured in real-time.
VOOL app
The app that lets you track your energy consumption in real-time. Check your VOOL Smart Charger, turn it into a money-making charging station or find other VOOL charging stations nearby.