Save up to 50% on your fleet charging costs with a complete VOOL Smart charging system.

This is how VOOL will save you time, money, and nerves

One stop shop

With our in-house developed hardware and software we will equip you with the complete EV charging system of VOOL Charger, VOOL Hub, VOOL Portal and VOOL App. In sum this means up to thousand of chargers, complete overview and cost management, automatic market price detection, and uninterrupted load control.

You’re welcome.

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Save on your fleet charging costs

The VOOL EV Charging System is equipped with automatic electricity price detection to make charging most cost-effective in the NordPool region. However, if you want your car to charge at a certain time, then we won’t be on your way.

Enough grid for everyone

The VOOL Charging system provides uninterrupted phase switching and load management to access the full existing grid capacity. You really just need an electricity connection.

The VOOL Hub will give you a detailed real-time overview of the entire site consumption. Know how much power is going for EV charging and how much to the rest of the building. If you have solar panels installed, the Hub will monitor the production and use that for EV charging.

You can instal up to 64 VOOL Chargers in one VOOL system, each capable of load management within and between phases. You can instal as many VOOL systems as you’d like.

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Easy to use.
Easy to maintain.

Managing the charging of one’s electric car shouldn’t be anyone’s new hobby. It can, ofc, but for most, it’s not. Everything about the VOOL Charging System is hassle-free and intuitive. Instal the chargers, connect them with the VOOL Portal, set the pricing and start charging.

We will take care of everything else - uninterrupted charging, automated invoicing, and remote maintenance. The VOOL Portal will give you full access to change the prices hourly, if you’d like. The VOOL App will give end-users easy and no-stress charging experience.

You’re welcome.

Fit for any exterior.

The VOOL Charger is easy on the eye. It’s got a rugged interior, but a dreamy exterior. Tasteful, timeless and fit for any environment - choose your material for the casing. Metal, ceramic or wood.

Beauty is power.

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