An EV Charger that is beautiful and reliable. Just like the one you have been longing for.

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Reliable and saves you money

Reliable and saves you money

VOOL Charger has an automatic market price detection. We know when the prices are low, and we’ll ensure your car charges when it’s most affordable. If you’d like that. If you don’t, you can always turn the feature off and charge when you need to.

Our Charger is the first charger that can give you access to all of the electricity in the grid. No limits, no surprises. No charging disruptions or half empty batteries in the morning. Everything works, everything pairs with all electric car plugs. Both plug and socket solutions.

Other chargers go drip, drip, drip… but VOOL goes WHOOSH!

Easy to use. Navigate while Netflixing on the sofa.

Easy start-stop via VOOL App - electricity is there for you, not vice versa. Track and control your EV charging status on our mobile app. You will have a full overview of the state of the charge (SoC) & time to fully charged.

Beautiful design that fits anywhere

What motivated us to design a beautiful EV charger? All the ugly stuff. This is a charger that looks like a charger, not like a toilet appliance.

The VOOL Charger is easy on the eye. It’s got a rugged interior, but a dreamy exterior. Tasteful, timeless, and fit for any environment - choose your material for the exchangeable front panel. Metal, ceramic or wood.

Beauty is power.

Affordable price

We think that electricity shouldn’t be for the privileged. Therefore, our pricing supports the faster transition to electric transportation.

Our recommended retail prices:
VOOL Charger 750 € + VAT.
Hub 250 € + VAT

For that price your package will include a smart and handsome EV charger, cable and mobile app. Everything’s included and no unexpected surprises.

We provide 3-year warranty with the possibility to top up to 5-years.

Sustainable and made responsibly

The VOOL Charger case is made entirely from manufacturing scrap. No trees were cut down, and not an ounce of plastic has been produced specifically for the VOOL chargers. They are developed, designed and manufactured in the EU and meet strict local requirements. We have done everything in our power to bring you as much energy as we can and make it as green as we can.
“I can’t believe it that from now on I can start-stop the charging via mobile app. And that it will actually work”
Toomas, Estonia
“This is so pretty. Can we buy one even though we don’t have an EV?”
Two bypassers discussing at sTARTUp Day
“Do you also sell your startup shares?”
Happy client from Latvia after buying the VOOL Smart EV Charger

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Fast charging

With Ease, you can charge up to 10x times faster than with a regular outlet. It Charges quickly as possible with the available capacity and provides you with the highest charging power.


Optimized charging

You cana have up to 3 Charging Robots on one fuse. All connected cars can be charge at the same time, and the available power is distributed automatically and dynamically between the vehicles.



The Charger can change on both 1 and 2 phase power and supports charging up to 22 kW. It has a Type 2 universal charging connector


Internet access

The Charging Robot is equipped with built-in e-sim and mobile communication. If you buy now, you get a lifetime 4G subscription included.

Yes, your house has enough grid for VOOL Charger

VOOL Chargers provide uninterrupted phase switching and load management to access the full existing grid capacity. You really just need an electricity connection - the age, shape and size of home doesn’t matter. We just want you to have the full access to your power grid.

The VOOL Hub will give you a detailed real-time overview of the entire site consumption. Know how much power is going for EV charging and how much to the rest of the building. If you have solar panels installed, the Hub will monitor the production and use that for EV charging.

How to install?

Although VOOL Chargers have easy modular installation, we always strongly recommend to hire a certified expert who can handle the installation for you.
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