Charging your EV cost-effectively at home

October 26, 2022
3 min

Why VOOL Smart EV Charger is the best for your house

1. Reliable and saves you money

VOOL Charger has an automatic market price detection. We know when the prices are low, and we’ll ensure your car charges when it’s most affordable. If you’d like that. If you don’t, you can always turn the feature off and charge when you need to.

Our Charger is the first charger that can give you access to all of the electricity in the grid. No limits, no surprise. No charging disruptions or half-empty batteries in the morning. Everything works, everything pairs with all-electric car plugs. Both plug and socket solutions.

Other chargers go drip, drip, drip... but VOOL goes WHOOSH!

2. Easy to use. Navigate while Netflixing on the sofa.

Easy start-stop via VOOL App - electricity is there for you, not vice versa. Track and control your EV charging status on our mobile app. You will have a full overview of the state of the charge (SoC) & time to be fully charged.

3. Beautiful design that fits anywhere

What motivated us to design a beautiful EV charger? All the ugly stuff. This is a charger that looks like a charger, not like a toilet appliance. 

The VOOL Charger is easy on the eye. It’s got a rugged interior, but a dreamy exterior. Tasteful, timeless, and fit for any environment - choose your material for the exchangeable front panel. Metal, ceramic or wood.

Beauty is power.

4. Affordable price 

We think that electricity shouldn’t be for the privileged. Therefore, our pricing supports the faster transition to electric transportation.

Our recommended retail price is 1250 € (incl VAT)

For that price, your package will include a smart and handsome EV charger, cable, mobile app, and a monitoring device. Everything’s included and no unexpected surprises.

We provide a 3-year warranty with the possibility to top up to 5 years.

About us

We’re VOOL, an Estonian start-up bringing the maximum grid power to everyone. We’re a group of engineers, designers, and power enthusiasts (electrical, not the take over the world kind) making electrical access sustainable and equitable — starting with electric vehicle chargers.

Do you want to save on your electricity costs?

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