Be in charge of your EV charging costs.

You say what electricity will and will not do.

Electricity lives by your rules, not the other way around. The free VOOL app gives you an overview of your charging times and the energy consumption of all the devices integrated into the VOOL system. A complete overview.

The app also lets you set your VOOL Smart Charger charging times according to the electricity exchange prices, making charging as affordable as possible.

A penny saved is a penny earned.
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VOOL App gives you quick overview of your charging costs
VOOL Charger on a wall

A charger that also charges your wallet.

VOOL app lets you turn your VOOL Smart Charger into a public charging station. Just set the price or add a marginal to the exchange price, and voila, you’re an energy tycoon. There’s no extra charge for you. Serve as many clients as you want.
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Find a charger - near, far, wherever you are.

The VOOL app also shows you other VOOL chargers nearby. That tells you where other like-minded people live or where you can find an emergency charger. Just open the app, find the nearest free charger and drive over if you’ve got any battery power left. You can pay for the charging safely via Stripe.
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If there’s an Internet connection, it works.

The VOOL app works in any operation system and device that is connected to the Internet. You can adjust your energy consumption and phases chilling on your sofa or in a bar, on holiday or even on the Moon if they’ve got a connection. Life’s so expensive already, but the VOOL app is completely free.
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Stay in charge of your electricity expenses with VOOL App

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How it works

Download the app
Download the VOOL app and create an account.
Connect your car
Connectig your car is easy and intuitive, you can also save your favorite charging spots.
Hassle-free charging that saves you money
Automatic price detection to make charging most cost-effective. However, if you want your car to charge at a certain time, then we won’t be on your way.

Works best with VOOL
Smart EV Charger.

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