EV Charger that works for you.
Not against you.

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Fits your budget.
Fills your wallet.

Automatic NordPool price detection makes sure that your car charges when it’s most affordable. That way you can save up to 50% on the charging costs. Pretty good already.

Moreover, with our premium feature you can make your charger public and rent it to other EV drivers.

You are just a VOOL Charger away from becoming an energy tycoon.
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A charger that looks like a charger. Not like a toilet appliance.

The VOOL Charger is easy on the eye. It’s got a rugged interior, but a dreamy exterior. Tasteful, timeless and fit for any environment - choose your material for the casing. Metal, ceramic, or wood.

Beauty is power.

Fits anyone.
Fits anything.
Fits anywhere.

You can install your wall charger anywhere. On the wall, on a special VOOL pole or even on the ceiling. You can charge any type of electric car with any charging type. The VOOL Chargers come with both plug and socket type.
VOOL App gives you quick overview of your charging costs

Easy to manage.
Easy to maintain.

EV charging shouldn’t be your hobby. It can, ofc, but for most, it’s not. Everything about the VOOL Charger is hassle-free and intuitive. Install the charger, connect it with VOOL App and plug your car. We will take care of everything else - choosing the best price, uninterrupted charging, and remote maintenance. You’re welcome.
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100% Charged

VOOL Charger was built because other EV chargers failed us.

Saves you money

VOOL Charger helps you to keep track of the electricity prices and saves you money.

Easy to install

VOOL Charger's modular design allows every parking spot to be ready for charging without a hassle.

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