Best-in-class EV Fleet Charging Management Platform

Keep Your EV Fleet Charged and On the Move

EV Fleet charging management

Keep your EV fleet charged and on the move, optimize your business operations, and improve your bottom line. VOOL provides a complete EV Fleet Charging Management solution for fleets of any size. Our agnostic software supports your EV chargers if they are OCPP 1.6 or 2.0 compatible.


Complete overview by vehicle and for the whole fleet

Vehicle status: Charging, Plugged In, On the Road;

Consumption in kWh and cost (EUR) for any selected time period by individual vehicle, and the entire fleet;

Mileage driven and current location;


Save on your fleet charging costs

The VOOL EV Charging System is equipped with automatic electricity price detection to make charging the most cost-effective across Europe. However, if you want your car to charge at a certain time, we won’t be on your way.

Want more?

VOOL provides a full ecosystem for your EV fleet charging needs. With our in-house developed hardware and software, we can equip you with the complete EV charging system. This means up to thousand of chargers in one easy-to-manage system, complete overview and cost management, automatic market price detection, and dynamic load management.

You’re welcome.


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