First class EV charging experience that saves you money

A free app for your VOOL EV charger.

Current session monitoring


monitor and configure
your charger remotely.

Account management


your charging preferences
and automate charging to
the cheapest rates.

Charging history and statistics

Gain insights

into all your charging data.

Save 30% on charging costs

Electricity lives by your rules, not the other way around. The VOOL app automatically detects the lowest electricity market prices and chargers your car when it's the cheapest. All the while making sure your car will reach the battery level you need by the time you need.

Enable Recurring Schedule to automate your savings. Available all across Europe.

VOOL Smart EV Charger and free mobile app make your home charging effortless
Made for VOOL
& other OCPP-compliant chargers
Works with most EV brands
Simple to use
Market price based charging
All your charging data in one place

Insights at your fingertips

Effortlessly access all your charging data. See the electricity price forecast, an overview of your spending, your savings and average price per kWh.

Get notified on your charger status only when absolutely necessary.

Smoothest integration with a VOOL Charger.

Intuitive installation of VOOL devices

As an installer, you can use the same app to configure new VOOL Chargers and LMCs in a guided way.

Once the installation is done, transfer the ownership of the installation to the customer. Keep an eye on all your installations and manage them remotely.


Tailor your charging experience

Set up Smart Charging to avoid peak electricity prices according to Nord Pool data.

Enable Recurring Schedule to have your car ready at the same time every day.

Or simply Start/Stop charging when you need to.

Coming soon: custom schedules for different days and charging directly with solar energy when it's available.

Connects best with

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How it works

Vool app

Download the app

Download the VOOL app and create an account.

VOOL EV Charger for home

Connect your charger

Not all EVs allow smart charging by default. The VOOL App communicates directly with your OCPP-compliant charger to enable market price based charging.


Save while charging

Enable Smart Charging or Recurring Schedule to make your charging effortless and most cost-effective. However, if you want your car to charge at a certain time, then we won’t be in your way.

Download now

VOOL App is entirely free of charge.

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