Utilise all of the electricity.
Not just what’s available.

No blown fuses or overloaded circuits while charging your EV.

Automatic Phase Switching
Dynamic Load Management
Multi Level & Multi Point Load Management
Mobile Internet, Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth
For all housing types

Charge up to three times more cars with the same grid connection. VOOL's Load Management Controller works inside your electrical cabinet to control the current and select the phases for EV charging. Our patent-pending technology is the most cost-effective way to access your existing grid connection.

Fuses? In order. Always.

The VOOL LMC measures electricity in the switchboard, and if consumption in any of the three phases becomes too high, LMC tells VOOL chargers to switch consumption to a less loaded phase. Electrical fuses will never trip.

And when we say that the VOOL LMC controls the electric current all by itself, we mean it. You don’t have to do anything.

It does the thinking for you.

The VOOL LMC monitors your electricity consumption and grid load, and switches consumers over to another phase all on its own. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Of course, if you’d like to track your electric phases and consumption volumes, check out the VOOL App. It will give you all of the information in real time.

Is this thing on..?

If there’s an overload, the VOOL LMC steps in and automatically switches electricity users over, without you even noticing it’s on. Your electric car keeps on charging, your washing machine doesn’t have to start all over again, you don’t need to adjust your clocks. Even the lights won’t flicker or dim.

You only need one.

VOOL LMC is one for the team and creates a perfect unison with VOOL Smart EV Charger. You will need one LMC per 64 VOOL Chargers for hassle-free control over your electricity consumption.


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