Make your EV charger public and earn extra revenue

Where can my chargers be found?

VOOL is integrated with major navigation platforms: Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, Tesla, Tomtom, HERE, Chargetrip, etc. In addition, VOOL also has its own platform, through which the user can see the availability and pricing of chargers and the history of their charging sessions.

Earn extra income in four easy steps

1. Add your VOOL electric car charger to the VOOL Portal
2. Determine the type of electricity contract
3. Determine the desired profit margin
4. Make your charging point public. VOOL connects to the biggest platforms such as Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, Tesla, Tomtom, HERE, Chargetrip, etc.

*private individuals do not have the option to make chargers public


Choose a VOOL charger for the best user experience

Suitable with all hybrid and electric cars;
Easy on the eye, convenient to use;
Automatic phase switching;
Quick installation both on the wall and post;
Make your charger public and earn extra revenue;


Account Management

Users are able to create and manage their accounts, including personal information and payment methods. It also includes features like tracking charging history and managing invoices.


Browse Nearby Chargers

A map-based tool that helps users find EV charging stations near their location or desired destination. It provides details such as station types, availability, and charging speeds.


Charging History and Statistics

Access to a comprehensive charging history log, which provides details about previous charging sessions, including duration, energy consumption, and costs. This feature helps users track their charging habits and expenses.


Filters and Favorites

Filtering by amenities and features helps users find chargers that meet their specific needs. Also, it can provide an interactive exploration experience for users.


Charging Session Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of ongoing charging sessions, including details such as charging rate, and energy consumed. Users can track the progress of their charging and be notified when the session is complete.


Integration with Navigation Systems

Seamless integration with popular navigation systems, enabling EV drivers to plan routes that include charging stops and receive real-time updates on charging station availability.


Notifications and Alerts

Users can receive notifications or alerts regarding their charging session, including updates on charging status, session completion, or any issues with the charging station.


Payment Integrations

Integration with various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or RFID cards. The software supports secure transactions and provides users with transparent billing and invoicing.


User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of finding, selecting, and initiating a charging session. Software is easy to navigate and provides clear instructions for a seamless user experience.


Real-time Station Status

Information on the availability and status of charging stations, including whether a station is in use, offline, or available for charging.


Extended Parking

The "Parking" feature allows users to conveniently occupy a charging spot even after their EV's charging session has been completed, based on the fees and settings set by the Charging Point Operator.


Reservation and Booking

The ability to reserve and book charging stations in advance to ensure availability. This feature can help users plan their trips and avoid waiting times.

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