We wanted to make a charger
But ended up with a whole new logic of electricity consumption.
And a charger.

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Charging your EV shouldn't be complicated and trippy. We take away your grid anxiety.

Smart Charger

Other chargers go drip, drip, drip...

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If there's no good solution in the market, you have to create it yourself.

In other words - the morning that changed electricity.

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Selected works. On electricity, chargers, phases.

VOOL redesigns our access to energy
July 26, 2022

We understood that the current grid system can't support the shift to more intense electrical usage.

Get the max out of your three-phase power connection
July 25, 2022

Grab a seat and a coffee, or whatever you use to hype yourself up, because you’re about to find out what the most underutilized system in your house is.