The EV Charger all the other EV chargers wish they were

Charge without hassle.
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100% Charged

VOOL Charger was built because other EV chargers failed us.

Saves you money

VOOL Charger helps you to keep track of the electricity prices and saves you money. Automatically.

Easy to install

VOOL Charger's modular design allows every parking spot to be ready for charging without a hassle.
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Charging your EV cost-effectively at home

Easy to install, maintain, and no charging disruption. Even the lights won’t dim.
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Turn your parking lot into a money machine.

Old apartment, but modern transportation? Easy grid upgrade and up to 6x more EV-s in the same charging system.
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Charging fleet vehicles at your private site

Hansabuss charges 2x more vehicles and saves 30% on charging costs with VOOL Smart Charging.
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VOOL Charges Hansabuss Electric Fleet in Latvia

Hansabuss’ Latvian hubs will serve as the testing grounds for their transition to an electric bus fleet. The company serves Scandinavia and the Baltics and has ambitions of becoming a leading electric fleet operator in the region.
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