Standard installation conditions

VOOL will guarantee that the installation of the charging station is always conducted in a safe and proper manner.

In order to do this, we have carefully selected certified partners who have completed the VOOL product and installation training.

If you've decided to purchase a VOOL recharging point with a standard installation, we'll send you an order confirmation via e-mail after you've placed it and a separate e-mail regarding specifying questions about the installation. After the order has been placed, the installer will contact you within three working days to arrange a suitable time to conduct the work.

In order to speed up the work, we ask you to take a few pictures prior to the installation and figure out where you want to install the charger. Preliminary information is required prior to the installation:

  • A picture of the electrical switchboard
  • A picture of the electrical wiring diagram (it's usually located in the document pocket on the door of the switchboard)
  • A picture of where you want to install the charger
  • The distance between the recharging point and the electrical switchboard in meters

Standard installation EUR 490 (incl. VAT) includes installation materials, transport to the site and the installer's working time. The installer will send the final quote after you've reviewed all the details together. If it becomes apparent that the installation needs additional work and/or materials, the price may be more expensive. In such a case, the volume and price of the additional work will be specified prior to the start of the installation.

Standard installation includes:

  • Technician's working time up to four hours
  • Transport to the site, up to 50 kilometres
  • Installation of the necessary circuit breaker in the existing electrical switchboard (provided that there's sufficient space in the switchboard)
  • Installation of the necessary residual current device in the existing electrical switchboard (provided that there's sufficient space in the switchboard)
  • If you've also purchased the VOOL LMC load management device, the standard installation also includes installing it into the existing electrical switchboard
  • Carrying a 5G6 cable up to 15 metres along the wall above the surface from the electrical switchboard to the charger (material included)
  • Carrying a data cable up to 15 metres along the wall above the surface from the electrical switchboard to the charger (material included)
  • Drilling up to two holes, up to 50 centimetres (wood, lightweight block)
  • Installing the charging station on the wall
  • Charging station configuration
  • Installation documentation
  • A two-year installation warranty

Prerequisites for standard installation:

  • The electrical switchboard is located on the ground floor and complies with the existing requirements
  • The electrical system has the necessary power (minimum 16A) for the electric car charger
  • There's sufficient space in the electrical switchboard for installing the necessary circuit breakers and VOOL LMC
  • The cost of the materials doesn't exceed the limits mentioned above
  • Excavation work isn't required to run the cables
  • The installer can conduct the work in a safe manner and without any impediments
  • You've gotten the necessary permits to install an electric car charger, including from the owner and/or manager of the property

The installer reserves the right to charge an additional fee if one or more of the above-mentioned conditions aren't fulfilled. The installer will inform you regarding any non-compliances and potential additional costs and confirm them with you prior to starting the work.

Price list of additional installation costs (prices include VAT)

  • Technician's additional working hour – EUR 42
  • Transport fee, provided that the site is more than 50 kilometers away – EUR 0.80/km
  • 5G6 cable additional cost – EUR 8/m
  • Data cable additional cost – EUR 3/m
  • Drilling an additional hole (wood, lightweight block) – €25 /hole
  • Diamond drilling – price upon agreement
  • Excavation work – price upon agreement
  • Installing a switchboard, if the necessary circuit breakers don't fit in the electrical switchboard – price upon agreement

After the installation work has been completed, the installer will provide the installation documentation and show you how to use the VOOL charger. If there were any additional costs that occurred during the installation, the installation partner will invoice you for them.

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