Alexela and VOOL Accelerate EV Charging Accessibility

May 2, 2024 4 min read

By 2030, up to 80,000 electric vehicles are forecasted to be on Estonian roads, but this cannot be achieved without the necessary supporting infrastructure and technological development.

Alexela and VOOL have signed a cooperation agreement to support this development. VOOL has primarily focused on developing EV charging hardware and software, whereas Alexela has been developing a public charging network, which currently boasts approximately 220 charging points across Estonia.

In addition to developing technology and infrastructure, keeping costs low for consumers and ensuring the solutions are easy to use is crucial. One of our main values lies in our ability to use existing power grid connections efficiently. With VOOL’s chargers and smart load management device, there’s no need to make significant investments in upgrading main fuses when establishing charging points. VOOL’s charging solution is essential in apartment buildings where many cars charge at the same time, but it is also beneficial in single-family homes where high-power appliances like heating systems, stoves, and car chargers might operate simultaneously.

- Juhan Härm, CEO of VOOL

Kristjan Suurorg, Head of E-Mobility at Alexela, believes that one must be clever to enable the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and achieve environmental sustainability goals. "Alexela and VOOL have a lot in common as both of us want to offer practical efficiency or smart solutions that are economical for both the client and the environment. Without smart technology development, it is impossible to achieve green goals," he said.

Together with VOOL, we will start offering a turnkey EV charging solution for both private and business customers. From Alexela, a client can get everything needed for EV charging from one provider, including electrical connection, the installation of a charger and load manager device, and VOOL’s smart software, which allows for cost-effective charging following electricity market prices. Hotels and other businesses can make their charging points public to offer charging services to their clients.

- Kristjan Suurorg, Head of E-Mobility at Alexela

Alexela became an investor in VOOL as part of the cooperation agreement. Marti Hääl, Chairman of the Board at Alexela, expressed his pleasure in collaborating with a domestic, innovative company.

Our values align, and we believe our strategic cooperation will further enhance the development and international distribution of VOOL’s chargers.

- Marti Hääl, Chairman of the Board at Alexela

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