Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging in Mexico, Playa Del Carmen: The Current Landscape and Charging Infrastructure

September 6, 2023 2 min read

In recent years, electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant traction worldwide, ushering in a new era of sustainable transportation. While EV adoption is rapidly growing in various parts of the world, the situation in Mexico paints a slightly different picture. In this blog post, I'll delve into the state of EVs and charging infrastructure in Mexico, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities this emerging market faces.

But first, hi, I'm Tom, the Head of Product Design at VOOL, and this is what I observed during my trip to Playa Del Carmen in 2023.

16 000 Steps and Just One Tesla

As an EV enthusiast or observer, one of the first things you'll notice in Mexico is the limited presence of electric vehicles on the roads. During my daily walks of 16,000 steps, I saw just one Tesla (Tesla Model 3, to be exact) and no other electric car brands. That was a proper surprise effect during my one-month stay. Unlike European countries where electric cars are becoming a common sight, Mexico has some catching up to do in this regard.


Not too many EV-s spotted on the streets

EV Charging Infrastructure

Charging infrastructure is the lifeblood of the electric vehicle ecosystem, and Mexico still has some way to go regarding accessibility. Most charging stations in Mexico are Tesla wall chargers, primarily located in hotels and resorts. The average electric car owner may face challenges finding a charging station when travelling outside these zones. However, Tesla's charging network is undoubtedly a positive step forward, laying the groundwork for broader infrastructure development.

Tesla's Service Centers - Far More Than in Estonia

Mexico boasts in total four Tesla service centres, a significant milestone for the Mexican electric vehicle community. Service centres are crucial for maintenance and support, ensuring EV owners can have their cars serviced promptly. This is a step in the right direction, surpassing the situation in some countries with emerging EV markets. Hint here to my home country, Estonia, where we have a proper boom of Teslas, but no official service centres just yet.


Tesla's service center in Playa del Carmen

Rising Energy Prices and Reduced Emissions

Prices are increasing everywhere and for everything. And Mexico is no exception here. For energy production and consumption, environmentally friendly solutions also work for the wallet.

Increasing Electricity Prices

As electricity rates continue to rise, there is growing interest in finding more efficient ways to power vehicles. Fingers crossed that the Mexican Government supports this as EVs can become a viable option in such an environment with their lower operating costs compared to gasoline or diesel vehicles. This could drive interest in EV adoption, provided the charging infrastructure is expanded.

Solar Potential

Mexico is blessed with ample sunshine, making it an ideal candidate for solar power generation. Surprisingly, the presence of solar panels remains relatively low. This presents an opportunity for growth in clean energy production, which can support the expansion of the EV market. Solar panels can provide clean energy for charging and contribute to reducing electricity bills.


Sunkissed in Mexico

Gas Prices

Gasoline prices in Mexico, like in many parts of the world, have steadily climbed. At approximately $1.29 per litre, fueling up a conventional vehicle has become increasingly expensive. This cost factor could be another incentive for Mexicans to consider the switch to electric and hybrid vehicles, where the cost per mile is significantly lower.


EV Observation Verdict for Mexico, based on Playa Del Carmen

While Mexico may currently lag behind some countries regarding EV adoption and charging infrastructure, promising signs are on the horizon. Tesla's presence, both in terms of electric vehicles and service centres, lays the groundwork for a more robust EV ecosystem. The rising cost of electricity and gasoline, coupled with Mexico's abundant solar potential, could incentivize a shift towards cleaner transportation options.

As Mexico navigates the evolving landscape of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, it will be intriguing to watch how the country's commitment to sustainability and its response to global energy trends shape the future of transportation within its borders.

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