How to Get an EV Charging Station at Work

July 11, 2023 6 min read


  • Benefits of installing EV charging at work include employee satisfaction and retention, increased corporate sustainability, and financial or tax incentives.
  • Before installing EV chargers at work, consider current and future demand, electrical infrastructure, and space constraints.
  • Learn how to select an EV charging manufacturer, get permits and approvals, hire an installation expert, communicate with employees, and monitor your EV charging stations.

The sight of electric vehicles (EVs) is becoming increasingly familiar, outpacing even some luxury cars on city streets and beyond, thanks to advancements in range.

But with all this electric cruising, charging infrastructure has to keep pace.

Most EV owners opt for home charging solutions, but there's another highly viable opportunity: workplace charging.

Let's delve into the ins and outs of how to get an EV charging station at work.

Realizing the Benefits of EV Charging at Work

EV charging at work is a key component of electric vehicle adoption. While expanding EV adoption may not be a priority on your list, there are solid benefits to offering EV charging at your place of business.

While you might not have considered it before, the advantages of setting up EV charging at your office are substantial.

Attract and retain top talent (or tenants)

As sustainability takes center stage, offering EV charging stations signals your commitment to a greener future and imminent shifts in vehicle sales. This employee perk can help attract and retain talent, particularly in competitive job markets. Employees who own EVs will appreciate the reliability of on-site charging, easing any range anxiety.

Boost your company's green profile

Installing EV charging stations aligns your organization with environmental sustainability, enhancing your brand image and corporate social responsibility initiatives. You'll contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and be an early adapter in the expanding world of EVs.

Financial perks and tax credits

Depending on your location, your investment could qualify for government incentives and tax credits. For example, Finland and Sweden offer tax exemptions for workplace EV charging. Taking advantage of these benefits can significantly offset costs, making workplace EV charging an even more attractive investment.

And by opening your EV chargers for public use during non-work hours, you could generate additional income.

How to get EV Charging Stations at Work: Key Considerations

While workplace EV charging stations offer clear benefits, it's important to weigh some factors before proceeding.

Evaluate the demand

Start by assessing how many of your employees or tenants currently drive EVs or plan to. Surveys or informal conversations can help assess interest and projected demand, and inform decisions about how many charging stations to install and where to place them.

Electrical capacity and infrastructure

It's important to assess the existing electrical capacity of your premises. Get a qualified electrician to determine whether your electrical infrastructure can handle the additional load. In some cases, upgrades may be needed to support the charging stations. However, with a three-phase connection, a full charging system, like VOOL, will be able to safely and reliably balance your EV charging setup.

Parking space availability

Evaluate your parking availability and identify suitable areas for installing charging stations. Think about accessibility, proximity to the building, existing electrical connections, and the visibility of the stations. Make sure you comply with local regulations and building codes.

How to Get EV Charging Stations Installed at Work

So, you've decided to encourage EV drivers to charge at your office. Here’s your game plan:

1. Choose your EV charger station provider

Find a reputable EV charging station manufacturer and service provider. Take into consideration pricing, warranty, installation support, and ongoing maintenance services.

VOOL should top your list — we offer comprehensive EV charging solutions that reduce charging costs while maintaining high safety and reliability standards.

2. Find the right charger

Level 1 stations come with a lower price tag, as well as significantly slower charging speeds. In contrast, the best Level 2 EV chargers offer a steady supply of AC power, capable of charging multiple vehicles each day at a faster rate.

DC fast charging can be a compelling option for EV drivers who need a full charge in under an hour. Keep in mind, these stations are prohibitively expensive, for both the hardware and the installation and maintenance costs. They also require specialized equipment for operation, along with additional permits and infrastructure upgrades.

For the majority of workplaces, apartments, and private residences, Level 2 chargers are the preferred choice. They strike the right balance of affordability, reliability, and consistent, powerful charging capabilities.

3. Secure necessary permits and approvals

Local regulations may require permits for installing EV charging stations. Consult your local building authority to ensure compliance and address any infrastructure needs.

4. Partner with EV charging professionals

A seasoned electrician with EV charging installation expertise is an invaluable asset. They can assist with site assessments, electrical upgrades, and the installation of charging stations.

5. Keep employees in the loop

Inform your employees or tenants about the benefits and logistics of the EV charging initiative. Provide instructions on accessing and using the charging stations, including any associated costs or rules. Consider hosting a training session or distributing educational materials to promote awareness and adoption.

6. Monitor and evaluate your EV charging stations

Get feedback from employees and tenants to address any concerns and continually improve the charging experience. Regularly monitor charging station usage and performance, analyzing energy consumption data and charging patterns to optimize costs and utilization. For future planning, the VOOL Admin Portal makes it easy to analyze all connected EV charging stations.

Charge Ahead: EV Charging is a Business Opportunity

Investing in workplace EV charging stations is a forward-thinking decision. It helps attract and keep top talent, demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, and supports a greener future. By considering demand, evaluating infrastructure, and following the appropriate steps, you can provide reliable EV charging options at work, boosting both your business and the overall EV charging landscape.

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