EV Charging Without Costly Upgrades

May 12, 2023 5 min read


  • VOOL's innovative technology allows you to get more power from the grid, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.
  • Dynamic Load Management balances power distribution within a building, adjusting the charging process based on available power capacity and energy consumption.
  • Combined with Automatic Phase Switching, you can extract more from the existing grid and never worry about overloading your electrical system.
  • Our technology provides a stable and efficient EV charging environment that adapts to the energy demands of your home, office, or commercial building.

VOOL is Extending the Life of our Electrical Infrastructure — Starting with EV Charging

Charging an EV with 11KW power is like running ten dishwashers simultaneously. It’s a heavy load.

All that extra electrical load needs to be managed.

While EV drivers feed on more electricity, the electrical grid has oodles of unused power. So the issue isn’t supply, it’s access.

That’s because the three-phase electrical grid used across Europe suffers from a bottleneck at the very last stage of output: your residence or commercial property. This bottleneck prevents us from using all the existing grid capacity.

The first phase is much more loaded than the other two. This leads, for example, to power outages if you have an older electricity network. Devices at home or in the workplace can still throw it out of balance. Electric cars make things even more complicated.

As more and more drivers ditch their gas-powered cars for EVs, the demand for efficient and reliable charging solutions grows. By 2035, the EU has ruled that no new gas or diesel cars will be sold. It’s a mad dash to upgrade the electrical infrastructure to manage the flood of new EVs hitting the roads in the coming decade.

But what if costly upgrades aren’t even needed?

VOOL developed technology that allows you to balance the electrical load in all three phases and use the grid capacity to its full potential. Our patent-pending solution means no infrastructure upgrades are necessary.

With VOOL, your EV is charged and ready to go when needed — so you can live your life with less hassle and more vroom!

Our approach allows for maximum charging while maintaining a stable power supply. We call this technology Automatic Phase Switching. Combined with Dynamic Load Management (DLM) it’s a breakthrough for property owners, commercial real estate managers, as well as individual and fleet EV owners

What is Dynamic Load Management?

Dynamic Load Management is key for the most advanced EV charging solutions. It’s the brains behind the operation, a smart energy management system that balances the power distribution within your home or building.

DLM makes sure that the electrical infrastructure can handle the demands of the EV charger and other appliances. So you can charge your EV and use your other electricity-hungry appliances simultaneously. DLM continuously monitors and adjusts the charging process based on the connected devices' available power capacity and energy consumption.

The idea is simple: electricity based on need. If you’re not using a tonne of electricity around the home (not running the dishwasher and washing machine, for example), DLM sees that the total energy demand is way below the available capacity. That’s a win for your EV charger, which can now use the maximum power available for charging.

But, when you turn on the dishwasher and use your hair dryer, the DLM system automatically reduces the charging power to the EV to avoid overloading the electrical system. This dynamic approach means the power supply is always stable, but because power was reduced to your charger overnight, it also means you can’t always rely on a full battery in the morning.

How Does Automatic Phase Switching Work?

Automatic Phase Switching (APS) is the secret weapon that launches us light-years ahead of the competition.

When EV chargers are connected to a three-phase power supply, the DLM accesses, monitors, and adjusts the electrical loads in each of the three phases of the network, and the APS switches between phases to reach peak output. This prevents any single phase from becoming overloaded and minimises the impact on the electrical grid and the home's power supply.

VOOL’s Phase Switching is unique in that it seamlessly transfers power between different phases to extract the most electricity from the grid.

Our technology allows you to charge up to three times more vehicles with the same electrical grid.

A Dynamic Duo for More Efficient EV Charging

Automatic Phase Switching and Dynamic Load Management work together to create a super-efficient and stable EV charging environment. DLM balances the power distribution in your home, preventing overloads and ensuring that devices receive the power they need.

Meanwhile, our Automatic Phase Switching draws power from multiple phases, increasing the capacity draw so your EV charger gets the power it wants.

Together in the VOOL ecosystem, our charger and Load Management Controller create a smart, efficient, and safe EV charging environment that's adaptable to the energy demands of the home and the electrical grid. EV owners can charge their cars reliably without compromising the stability of their home's power supply or the integrity of the electrical infrastructure.

More than an Electric Car Charger

Dynamic Load Management has become the standard for most advanced EV smart charging solutions.

But at VOOL, we don't settle for standard. We're kicking it up a notch.

That’s why we developed Automatic Phase Switching. By intelligently managing power distribution and leveraging the benefits of multiphase power supplies, our system creates an adaptable and efficient EV charging environment that benefits both users and the electrical grid.

Our technology redesigns the last mile between you and your power. We’re making it more efficient to access and utilize the grid we have — without expensive upgrades. As electric vehicle adoption continues to grow, these technologies will become increasingly important for maintaining the reliability and stability of our power infrastructure.

About us

VOOL is the first complete EV charging solution making reliable, smart, and cost-efficient charging available for everyone. Affordable and hassle-free EV charging fastens the energy transition. VOOL means hardware and software made inhouse, flexible charging options for private users and businesses. You can save money with smart charging and earn money opening your chargers to other EV owners.

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