EV Charging Management Software that Works for You

June 15, 2023 4 min read


  • Works seamlessly with OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 compliant EV chargers
  • Charge point overview: charging sessions along with profits and smart charging savings
  • EV fleet overview and management
  • Easily integrate charging management software for your apartment or office building
  • Automated reporting and invoicing end customers
  • Public charging to turn your property into a revenue machine

Investing in EVs and EV chargers for your business is a smart move, but managing your EV charging infrastructure shouldn't be a full-time job. At VOOL we understand the need for all-in-one, user-friendly EV charging management software. The VOOL Portal is more than just a tool - it's your command center.

The intuitive dashboard lets you monitor your EV infrastructure from your laptop, no matter where you are. Monitoring your apartment or office parking spaces, public EV charging hotspots, or an entire fleet of EVs is a cinch and every solution is tailored according to your business needs. There’s no steep learning curve.

EV Charging Solutions for Every Use Case

The VOOL Portal was developed with all OCPP 1.6 and 2.0 compliant chargers in mind. So if you have invested in EV chargers from other manufacturers, you can seamlessly integrate them into your new EV management platform.

Everything you could possibly want to make EV charging management work for your business is a few clicks away.

  • Add any OCPP 1.6 and 2.0-compliant charger to control the charging process.
  • Define a fixed or variable rate revenue model and set access permissions for your chargers.
  • Remotely start and stop charging.
  • Get a simplified overview of consumption, costs, savings, and sessions.
  • Oversee charging sessions and filter your view by charge point, charger, user, and EV.
  • Export customized reports in CSV and PDF formats.
  • Provide invoices for your end customers.
  • Review your turnover and profits.
  • Assign multiple users with different levels of access to your VOOL account.
  • Integrate solar energy into EV charging to earn extra revenue.

Another key feature we can’t wait for you to try is Smart Charging. The VOOL portal tracks current electricity market prices across Europe, and you can choose to automatically charge when it’s cheapest.


Smart Charging your EV saves you money

Make Money from Your EV Chargers

We know that EV drivers are always on the hunt for places to charge. So if you’ve got chargers, they’re hungry for your business.

We made it easy by giving you the option to make your chargers public and visible on Google Maps.

The best part is the control you get over your charging rates. You choose whether to set your rates in the VOOL Portal based on a margin above the fixed market rate, or a flat rate per kWh. Automated billing is integrated and lets them pay you on the spot without registering via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Apartments and Offices with EV Charging

While installing EV chargers for your apartment building or office might seem straightforward, managing reporting, consumption, and invoices can be daunting—a potential deterrent to making the switch.

With VOOL, you can skip that last hurdle and get started on electrifying your parking spaces today.


Send customized invoices for EV charging in one click

If you haven’t started installation yet, be sure to check out VOOL’s scalable EV charger installation process. If you already have OCPP 1.6 and 2.0-compatible chargers at the ready, they’ll work seamlessly with the VOOL Portal.

You can ensure that only authorized tenants are allowed to charge on your lot. And of course, the portal also gives you all the benefits of automated reporting and invoicing. Make sure individual tenants are billed accurately according to their usage by filtering by charge point, charger, user, and EV.

Electric Fleet Charging at your Fingertips

If you’re the owner or manager of an EV fleet, you finally have the access and oversight you’ve always needed to run your business more efficiently. The VOOL Portal lets you monitor multiple fleet chargers’ statuses all at once, or individually.

Access a detailed list of EVs on your account, complete with information on their state of charge, number of charging sessions, average consumption, and savings. Plus, you can select a different revenue model on a ‘per charger’ basis. That means you can set some fleet chargers to a fixed rate and the others to only charge when it’s cheapest.

Experience the VOOL difference firsthand with the story of Hansabuss, the largest bus operator in the Baltics. They are currently transitioning to an electric bus fleet, and their goal is to become the leading electric fleet operator in the region. Learn more about how they're utilizing the VOOL Portal to bring this ambitious vision to fruition.

Full-Scale Solutions Available Today

EV charging has transformed transportation, infrastructure, and resource management, and it will continue to do so for the next few decades. So we wanted to change how it’s managed.

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VOOL is the first complete EV charging solution making reliable, smart, and cost-efficient charging available for everyone. Affordable and hassle-free EV charging fastens the energy transition. VOOL means hardware and software made inhouse, flexible charging options for private users and businesses. You can save money with smart charging and earn money opening your chargers to other EV owners.

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