How to Make Money from an EV Charging Station

August 25, 2023 4 min read


  • Get started with the VOOL App and VOOL Portal.
  • Register your OCPP 1.6 or 2.0-compatible EV charger.
  • Make your chargers public, sync with Waze, Google Maps, and more.
  • Offer EV drivers payment solutions via integrated Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards.
  • Monitor your margins, profits, and costs via the VOOL Portal.

EV charging stations are a smart move for offices, retail venues, and residential complexes. They attract customers, staff, and tenants but can also generate income.

But you already knew that.

Learn how to make money from an EV charging station by following these simple steps.

Profitable EV Charging

The VOOL Portal and VOOL App is your gateway to becoming an EV charging entrepreneur.

Download the VOOL App from both online mobile app stores to manage your charging station from anywhere. The VOOL App will guide you in setting up your EV charging stations, optimizing your charging preferences, and making your charger public. It's compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Profit from EV charging with an all-in-one platform. The VOOL Portal is where you can analyze and understand the performance and profitability of your EV charging venture, even if you only have one public charger.

Connect with the VOOL Portal

Creating a VOOL account is simple – just your name, email, and a secure password to keep your EV charging operations safe.

  1. Add your OCPP 1.6 or 2.0-compliant EV charger to VOOL.
  2. Use the app to make your EV chargers public — opt to auto-add your charger to Google Maps and other EV charging navigation apps so drivers can find you.
  3. Manage payments — VOOL supports Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards.
  4. Track your revenue, consumption costs, profits, and other valuable data in the VOOL Portal.

EV charging stations are an excellent investment for office, retail, and apartment properties. They help draw in clients, employees, and tenants but can also create a new revenue stream.

To make money from an EV charging station - It's not as complicated as it may seem. Here's the simplest way to do just that — whether you're an EV charging solopreneur with a few extra parking spaces or are planning a vast enterprise of dozens of EV chargers.

Become an EV Charging Entrepreneur

The VOOL App is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to manage your charging station remotely. You can set up your charging station, input and adjust your charge rate requirements — like profit margin — and make your charger public.

The app works on both Apple and Android mobile devices.

Take your EV charger entrepreneurship to the next level with the VOOL Portal. The portal can support large-scale EV charging operations. But even with one charger open to the public, the portal helps you analyze an EV charging enterprise's status, usage, and profitability.

To create an account with VOOL, you'll need your name, email address, and a secure password to keep your money-making EV charging operations safe.

You'll need to add your charger to set up your account with VOOL.

All VOOL technology works with any OCPP 1.6 or 2.0-compliant EV chargers. If you have one already installed, chances are it'll help you earn money. Our technology also allows you to add several locations and multiple chargers at the same location.

How to Add Your EV Charger

Once you add your charging station, you're ready to take your charger(s)public.

How much you want to charge EV drivers to top up will mostly depend on your electricity contract: fixed-rate or market-rate.

  • Fixed rate: a set €/kWh
  • Market rate + margin: the current €/kWh plus your desired profit margin

 If you have a fixed-rate contract, choose a set rate. The market plus margin is better if you have a market-rate contract.

That's it!

Your EV charging point is now on Waze, Google Maps and other EV charger navigation apps for EV drivers to find.



You can do this from either the app or the portal. In either case, you'll need to input the address of the charger location. By adding your precise location, you'll benefit from auto-tracking the current local market prices for electricity. And once you're open to the public, it's easier for customers to find your public charger.

Specify whether the site has a fixed-price or market-price electricity contract as part of the charger configuration. If you have a fixed-price contract, you'll have to input how much you're paying. This lets you control your profit margins.

When your EV charger is connected to the VOOL Portal, you'll also get updates on charger status, maintenance issues, and usage reports.

Manage Your EV Charging Payment Methods

"But wait, how do I get paid?"

That's simple, too. VOOL integrates with Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards. That means when EV drivers pull up and charge at your EV charging point, they have multiple options for payment. They don't even need to create a VOOL account.

Meanwhile, you'll get paid through the VOOL App. You can withdraw your EV charging earnings to your bank account.

Track Your EV Charger Revenue

Whether you have a single EV charger for your small office or set up public charging stations in your office parking lot, VOOL makes management easy. Think of VOOL as your EV finance and operations teams, except you don't have to pay us, and we never call in sick.

The VOOL Portal gives you insights into several key aspects of your public EV charging operations, including:

  • The number of charging sessions at each of your public EV chargers.
  • The kilowatt hours handled by each charger.
  • The price you've paid for that electricity usage.
  • The price you charged for that usage.
  • The revenue from your public EV charger.
  • Are there any trends related to when people are using your EV charger?

These data will help you make your publicly available charger an even more efficient money maker.

Now get to making money with your EV charger — get set up with your VOOL App and Admin Portal.

Bonus: More Efficient Public Charging with VOOL EV Chargers

You don't need VOOL chargers to set up a public charging station and start making money with your EV charger.

But it will help you streamline your EV charging ecosystem.

It makes charging more stable, reliable, and efficient.

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VOOL is the first complete EV charging solution making reliable, smart, and cost-efficient charging available for everyone. Affordable and hassle-free EV charging fastens the energy transition. VOOL means hardware and software made inhouse, flexible charging options for private users and businesses. You can save money with smart charging and earn money opening your chargers to other EV owners.

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