The Rise of Apartments with EV Charging

July 18, 2023 5 min read


  • Investing in EV charging stations for apartment blocks distinguishes them in the competitive real estate market and presents a potential revenue stream.
  • Before installing EV chargers at an apartment property, key considerations include the building's electrical infrastructure, cost recovery, and potential for revenue generation, as well as the logistics of installation and maintenance.
  • The installation of apartment EV charging stations involves a basic three-step process: meeting necessary requirements, selecting a dependable installation expert, and communicating with residents about the new service.

For the majority of EV owners, their home is the preferred location for charging their EVs.

But let's not overlook 46% of EU residents living in apartments without access to private parking facilities.

How do urbanites handle EV charging? If they don’t own a home, many rely on fast charging via public DC charging points in select locations. Apartments with EV charging bring distinct advantages.

Investing in Apartments with EV Charging

Prospective apartment residents have a lot to consider. Location, budget, and essential amenities typically top the list. Increasingly, the availability of EV charging is becoming a priority.

And not just for residents, non-residential property owners must have at least one EV charger per 20 parking spaces. BY 2030, all new cars made in the EU must be electric.

The EV tsunami is upon us. The time is right to surf the wave and ensure you come out on top.

Attracting apartment residents

By providing EV charging stations, apartment buildings become more desirable to EV residents. Offering this facility on-site can save them from installing a personal charger or relying on public charging stations. As the popularity of EVs continues to grow, your property is poised to meet this emerging need.

Competitive advantage and higher property value

Having EV charging facilities at your property caters to current EV drivers and reassures your existing residents about their future transportation options. By incorporating EV charging stations, you increase the overall value of your property, potentially leading to higher rents and a stronger market position.

Untapped revenue stream

Beyond providing a benefit to residents who own EVs, charging stations can also generate additional income for your property. When the charging stations are not in use by residents—such as during the workday—they can be opened to the public, creating an additional revenue stream.

Key Considerations for Installing EV Chargers in Apartment Buildings

Installing an EV charging station at your apartment property is a forward-thinking move that will enhance the appeal of your property.

Here are some factors to consider.

Scalability of EV charging infrastructure

It’s important to assess the scalability of the EV charging infrastructure. To determine how many chargers you’ll need, talk with current residents or estimate a percentage of EV car owners based on your country’s current electric car ownership rates.

Partnering with an experienced EV charging provider will help you plan for future expansion and avoid potential operational constraints.

Communicating with your residents is important to gauge demand and interest. After you've done your research, an EV charging solutions provider like VOOL can help you with EV charger readiness. However many chargers you might need or your plan for future expansion, our modular installation approach eliminates potential operational constraints.

Cost recovery and revenue opportunities

While installing EV charging stations requires an initial investment, it can bring long-term financial benefits, including the potential for generating revenue. Additionally, incorporating green initiatives can qualify your property for sustainability grants and incentives.

Other expenses associated with EV charging are — of course — electricity costs. That’s why we’ve made cost allocation simple for EV drivers. Set up charging stations through the VOOL Admin Portal or VOOL App to directly pass on charging costs to the user.

Installation and maintenance

Engage a reliable EV charging installer to ensure a seamless installation process, including site evaluation and certified installation. Professional installation guarantees the appropriate placement of charging stations, adherence to safety codes, and minimizes disruptions.

Steps to Bring EV Charging Stations to Your Apartment Building

Ready to install EV chargers at your property?

Understand and meet the requirements

Assess the number of charging stations you need, evaluate the electrical infrastructure and parking layout, and understand the requirements of your building authority for installing EV chargers. Working with an experienced EV charging installer is advisable to assist with this process.

Choose a reliable EV charging manufacturer

Select a reputable EV charging station manufacturer and service provider considering factors such as pricing, warranty, installation support, and ongoing maintenance services. Look for a manufacturer that provides comprehensive EV charging solutions that prioritizes reliability and safety.

Communicate with residents

Once the EV charging stations are installed, make sure to inform your residents about their new amenities. You can highlight the convenience and cost savings associated with home EV charging and offer resources to help them understand how to use the EV charging stations correctly.

At the End of the Day

Adopting electric vehicle charging at apartment buildings is a strategic decision that benefits property managers, owners, and tenants. Attracting eco-minded residents, increasing resident satisfaction, and boosting property value make EV charging a sound investment. VOOL’s easy solution for shared apartment charging simplifies the process.

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